What is Whoop?

The quiet environment you need to concentrate and work, to be creative, to talk and for your meetings...



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About Us

About Us

About Us

In today's competitive environment, productivity is at the forefront of firms'...

Studies in the US have shown that happy and motivated employees are 12% more productive, happy salespeople sell 37% more, and even happy employees take 66% less leave for health reasons.  It is an undeniable fact that workspaces directly affect employee satisfaction and motivation. Especially open offices and crowded work environments have a direct negative impact on productivity.

Our company has rolled up its sleeves to make an important contribution to the efforts made to make workspaces more enjoyable and support productivity with WHOOP.

WHOOP are work cabins developed with the aim of responding to the need for private space, which is often felt to be lacking in today's offices. WHOOP is ready to take its place in offices to increase the concentration of our employees and to offer practical solutions to the meeting place issue, which is a constant problem.

Today we present five different models:

  • For your phone calls - WHOOP. Phone
  • WHOOP for individual work that requires concentration. Work
  • WHOOP. Work Plus for two-person work and private meetings
  • For small private calls and meetings - WHOOP. Chat
  • For your comprehensive meetings - WHOOP. Meet

WHOOP. is developed and produced in our R&D center in METU Teknokent by combining the latest trends and technologies with 100% domestic design and engineering power. WHOOP. can be managed, booked, and usage trends can be followed through our special mobile application on the cloud with the Internet of Things approach. It visually makes a difference in the environments where it is used.